The modern, flexible way to get your baby products without the hassle
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The modern, flexible way to get your baby products without the hassle

Baby Products Made Easy14th August, 2020

Taking the stress out of the hunt for the ideal baby products

Finding the right products for your baby should be simple but the process is anything but. Even if you’re just looking for the basics - a pram, a crib, a baby carrier - the market is bursting with options and buzzing with information making the task of finding what’s going to work best for you bewildering and time-consuming. 

A Juno subscription makes sourcing and choosing your baby products refreshingly easy. When you sign up, you have access to our carefully selected list of products, each one handpicked on the basis of a thorough understanding of the best the market has to offer. We pay close attention to user experience and get that one product does not suit all. 

We curate our product bundles with differing lifestyles in mind, so you can opt for a good-to-go combination of products that work best for you. Or, if you prefer, you can create your own product package, safe in the knowledge that every product we offer is sourced from the leading baby brands and carefully chosen by us with the modern family’s needs in mind. 


Making your convenience our priority, every step of the way

All too often quality of product doesn’t extend to quality of service, with many finding that point of sale equals point of abandonment. At Juno, we are with you for the duration, embedding exceptional and personable service into how we operate. We’ve made it our mission to make lives easier, and work to ensure this applies to every stage of your journey with us. 

We have our own highly professional delivery team rather than outsourcing. We liaise with you to find delivery times that fit in with your schedule, including delivery options on evenings and weekends. Our team doesn’t just deliver to your door, we set up the products in the room of your choosing - taking away packaging and making sure items are properly assembled. And, when the time has come to move on from a product, we come and collect it for you too. 

Our administrative team is replete with knowledge about every product and, like a faithful concierge, are on-hand for advice and help. Working in ways that work best for you is a priority; Juno is a premium service as well as a go-to for premium products, and all for a fixed, affordable monthly price.


Offering a flexible alternative to traditional ownership

Getting the choice of product wrong is an expensive mistake most can ill-afford to make. And finding products that continue to suit you as your baby and family grows further complicates things. Traditional ownership often means being saddled with underused and outgrown products that you’ve been meaning to get rid of, but just haven’t got round to yet…

Juno subscriptions offer a flexibility that doesn’t exist in the traditional culture of buying, using, and discarding products. Your baby product needs change constantly as your baby and your family grows, but this doesn’t have to mean more expense and hassle. At Juno we embrace change. Flexibility is a key feature of every subscription, giving you the option of swapping products that have been outgrown, adding more as your family grows, or simply making a change because you fancy. 


...that is more sustainable too

All too often, hectic lives get the better of good intentions and products end up either gathering dust in cupboards or ending their brief lives in landfill. At Juno we actively combat this waste by keeping products in circulation, meticulously refurbishing each item between households and guaranteeing they are delivered to their new home as good as new. 

By introducing a circular economy to the world of baby products, we are disrupting the norms and overcoming the limitations of traditional ownership. Our unique model extends a product’s life and increases reuse. By keeping products in circulation, we are able to offer you unparalleled flexibility whilst keeping costs low and rates fixed. The joy of Juno’s sustainable approach to ownership is that it gives you peace of mind without compromising on quality of product or service, a formula that places your baby’s needs above all.